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Kidney diseases •Hypertension •Diabetes • Pre and post-transplantation Management Services.


Parklands Kidney Centre is managed by a team of specialist qualified renal nurses who aim to provide each patient with a high standard of individualized care within its pleasant and modern surroundings.
The dialysis unit is located in a serene environment with ample parking, cafeteria, bank and an ATM facility within the building.

Dialysis Services Offered



Body Mass Composition (BCM)

Medical Approach

Parklands Kidney Centre uses Fresenius Medical Care’s unique approach to patient care. It is based on the mission of delivering excellent medical care through innovative and efficient programs, the latest technology, continuous quality improvement and a focus on superior customer service.

Dialysis at the centre is delivered by highly trained staff and demonstrated through dedicated leadership and compassion by every team member, each and every day.

Medical Information

As a patient you have the right to safe and competent care with dignity, be informed about your condition and treatment. The center provides information necessary to empower you with knowledge of your condition.

As a patient, you have the responsibility to provide information about your present condition, past illnesses, hospitalization and medication you are on, follow your treatment plan.

Standard Dialysis Room

  1. Six Smart Flat Screen Monitors.
  2. Tea and a light snack provided at every dialysis session at no extra cost.
  3. Electrically operated reclining dialysis beds for maximum comfort.
  4.  Spacious, well light and well ventilated room with a fantastic view.
  5. Free WIFI available.

Deluxe Dialysis Room

  1. The room is shared among 2 patients.
  2. A personal nurse shared by the 2 patients for extra care and comfort.
  3. One Smart Flat Screen Monitor.
  4. Tea and a light snack provided at every dialysis session at no extra cost.
  5. Free WIFI available.

Executive Dialysis Room

  1. Only one patient per session.
  2. The room is fully ensuite.
  3. A personal nurse for extra care and comfort.
  4. One Smart Flat Screen Monitor.
  5. Tea and a light snack provided at every dialysis session at no extra cost.
  6. Free WIFI available.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you require from Patients before they come in?

1. HIV Ab
2. Hepatitis Bs Ag
3. Hepatitis C Ab
4. Hepatitis B antibody Titre
5. Medical report
6. Flow-charts

* All the above documents are compulsory and should be no more than 4 weeks old. These tests should be done at majorly recognized hospitals or laboratories.
Any additional medical summary/reports may be requested by the Doctor.

What modes of payment do you accept?

Payment is required prior to each treatment and may be made by NHIF, all major credit cards, cash, cheques and M-pesa.

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