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Patient care.

We recognize that each patient is different and that is why we work towards fulfilling each patient’s needs and preferences.

Team of

We at Parklands Kidney Centre are devoted to providing quality, professional and affordable medical care to our patients.

Safety and

We adhere to COVID health and safety regulations to ensure the quality of our services for our patients as set out by the Ministry of Health.

Something about us

Parklands Kidney Centre

Parklands Kidney Centre Ltd (PKC) is a state-of-the-art specialist out-patient based medical facility. We specialise in management of diabetes, hypertension and kidney diseases and also incorporate a modern dialysis unit.

Our in-house Consultant Nephrologist/Physician, Dr. Ahmed Twahir is also a consultant at the Aga Khan University hospital and MP Shah Hospital.

Services We Provide

State of the art dialysis unit

Dialysis Unit

Parklands Kidney Center Dialysis Unit is managed by a team of specialist qualified renal nurses, who aim to provide each patient with a high standard of individualized care within its pleasant and modern surroundings.

The dialysis unit is located in a serene environment with ample parking, a cafeteria, bank and an ATM facility near the building.

Specialists in kidney diseases

Kidney Clinic

Parklands Kidney Centre provides comprehensive services for complete diagnosis and long-term management of kidney diseases and hypertension. 

Transplantation Management Services

Transplant Services

We aspire to provide you with superior health care in a compassionate manner. We encourage you to discuss your operative schedule with us and to ask questions about your treatment plan. Our team will keep you up to date on scheduled tests, procedures, medications and other aspects of your care.

General medical clinic

Clinical Services

We specialize in the diagnosis and management of diabetes and hypertension. Our team consists of experienced consultants, nurses and dedicated support staff providing you with the highest standards of healthcare. We pride ourselves in providing high-quality services by producing accurate, relevant and comprehensive data that is applied to the management of your condition.


To provide excellent care to patients with kidney disease and related disorders.


To be a regional referral kidney centre providing first class care to patients with kidney disease in the form of dialysis, transplantation and chronic care.

Core Values

Parklands Kidney Centre aims to manage all its patients according to international set guidelines. The centre core values are :-

  1. Patient first
  2. Staff are our key asset
  3. Professionalism and integrity
  4. Team work

Patient Information

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